Midterm Exam

October 24th, 2012 economic,political

Questions for Romney:

1. Militarism: Just how trigger happy are you? How tangentially connected to defending our country does a volatile international situation need to be to justify using US military force? Are you really tougher on terrorism than the administration? The number of ships in the US Navy in 1917 makes for a great talking point, but do you honestly feel like it’s a fair comparison? Deep in your heart, don’t you think the “horses and bayonets” response was pretty reasonable? Why are you afraid to scale back the largest military in the history of the world by like 25%? Spin it with terms like “concentration of power” or “more bang for the buck”.

2. Corporatism: You say that you’d have let Detroit liquidate, but would you really? You’re a car man. You talk a mean game against bailouts, but so have the majority of Republicans, who, on the verge of fiscal cliffs, write the checks anyway. Why do you not mention the Federal Reserve and its closed-door relationship with global banking? Is there any chance that the ties between Wall St. and K St. will weaken under your administration? And I know this may be a bit forward, but can you please list the specific favors you are planning to pay back to your corporate donors?

3. Math: I’m 100% for reducing taxes for everyone and 100% for balancing the budget, but what deductions could possibly be eliminated to reduce everyone’s base rates and maintain the same amount of revenue? Be honest, you’re promising something that feels like it will take less of our money, while actually taking the same amount using the power of mathemagic. You say you are for a balanced budget, but in 4 years when it is nowhere close to being balanced, what will you say to give yourself plausible deniability? How often will you blame the reckless spending of the previous administration for this predicament?

4. ObamaRomnicare: How did the only GOP candidate who enacted mandated health care as governor of their state end up as the nominee? Seriously, what’s going on here? How much of the Democratic plan will you really gut or is it simply a matter of you just not liking that it was enacted by Democrats? Would you not have done just about the exact same thing? I agree with the states-rights angle you’re taking on this, but philosophically, you’re on board with the whole concept. Was FDR not exactly right with his warning about Republican social programs?

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